[Tagging] tunnel=building_passage or covered=yes

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Sep 12 00:15:25 UTC 2016

W dniu 11.09.2016 17:53, Dave F napisał(a):

> Well, OK. 'Classification' then (which gives indications to who can use 
> it).

I still hold my position. Classification doesn't tell who can use it, 
rather the purpose. Service road and corridor are clear about it: first 
is for "last mile" servicing roads (and not who can drive there), the 
second one is for connecting rooms inside the building.

> How are they second class?

> This is where secondary tags become useful. If renderers wants to

This is exactly why it is a second class citizen - it needs a secondary 

What would you say if we had:


instead of highway=primary_link? And this sub-type has only 250k of 

Highway=path may be as generic as say highway=road, highway=pedestrian 
is more or less as luxury as motorway - and we have highway=footway for 
all the other uses. Even path/footway difference is not clear, so we try 
to fix it with adding surface.

> show, for instance, all paths in one style, they easily can by
> filtering just highway=footway* If they want to differentiate
> different surfaces*, access restrictions etc, they can do that by
> referring to secondary tags.

But you can also use surface for roads to differentiate them. Yet we 
mainly rely on roads purpose, not the surface.

Pedestrian ways can be also serving different purposes (and so they 
should have different rendering, as we do for roads):
- corridors
- cemetery, park and allotments alleys
- long-distance outdoor hiking trails
- sidewalk
- crossing
- via ferrata

and probably some other specific types for which we even have a proper 
name for.

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