[Tagging] Public transport routes with multiple reference numbers

Michael Tsang miklcct at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 06:35:52 UTC 2016

On Friday 05 August 2016 02:15:35 Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> > 3. There is a service, due to operational reasons, identified by two
> > different numbers. However, the two different numbers are used in
> > different segment of the service, but in fact, they belongs to the same
> > service (i.e. passengers can get a ticket and board the vehicle on the
> > segment with the first number, and alight at the end of the segment with
> > the second number without intermediate alighting or additional payment).
> > This is the case with train route Z806/Z803 from Zhaoqing to Kowloon,
> > where the number Z806 is used on the segment from Zhaoqing to Guangzhou,
> > and Z803 is used on the segment from Guangzhou to Kowloon (i.e. it can be
> > treated as a through service).
> I would make 2 relations. Would be nice to invent a way to say that z806
> will always become z803 (link the relations), but I don't know if there is
> already something in use for this

Now I encounter a bus route like this:

A scheduled departure first runs the route K58, but in the middle the route, it  
enters the bus terminus of the route K53, change the route display from K58 to 
K53 without unloading passengers (i.e. passengers can remain on board from the 
segment on route K58 to the segment on route K53), and runs the remaining 
journey on route K53. What's the proper way of mapping this route?


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