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> On 14 Sep 2016, at 10:48 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> the latter two don't make much sense, especially "stage" (you can rarely find a theatre without a stage).

Yea, but you can find a stage without a theatre, especially in multiuse areas.  


I took the picture a few minutes ago. It is the stage in our local park. Our park has a huge grass expanse, many Japanese Elm trees, playground, fountain, bathrooms, sculptures, and a place for kids to play in the water, adjacent to our town's library a and small (indoor) performance hall. It. Also has this purpose-built stage in one corner of the park. It is pretty useless most of the time, besides our running club doing sit-ups on it in the morning. 

Every few months, an event is held in the park, using the grass as seating that is a normal park area the rest of the time - like a marathon or a dance contest or other event that uses the stage.  There is no structure, seating, landscaping or otherwise in service of being a theatre besides a stage. It is an orphaned stage, an amenity to the park like a bathroom or a playground. On the park map, it is labeled "ステージ" - stage. 

I would like a way to tag these "orphaned" stages that pop up in multipurpose areas. I think that, if mapped, these stages would outnumber the Amphitheatres. There are a lot of them. 

Contrast this to the outdoor venue in the park in San Diego I linked to that my father uses. It has a 10x5m concrete stage in a natural bowl, with grass and concrete ramps and sidewalks that form seating for about 200, making the area (stage, seating, access ways) useless for anything other than as a small informal venue for park events. Mapping the entire area (the stage, the seating, the trellis around the walkways, and the access walkways) would be a single area - the theatre:type=outdoor (or similar). 

But the stage in my park is a mappable structure just by itself. There is no seating or area that should be included, as it is the common grass covered with dogs and elementary students any other day. 

That's why I want a "stage" object in some way - whatever tag or subtag is appropriate. 

But I hope you see the need for some some kind of "stage only" tag. 
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