[Tagging] Abusing name tags on type=route

Michael Tsang miklcct at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 05:11:31 UTC 2016

Dear all,

According to the talk page 
the use of name=* key on a public transport route is considered an abuse 
(unless the route has a real name). However, without abusing the name tag, the 
life is difficult for both the mapper and the user. Consider the following metro 
There are, in total, 27 different variants of the line in the real world (2 
directions times 2 sets times 2 different branches with multiple short runs all 
under the name East Rail Line), mapped with different combinations of from=*, 
to=* and via=* keys. Without abusing the name tag users have difficulty 
selecting the correct service, for example in JOSM and OsmAnd.

How should we cope with the situation like this?

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