[Tagging] Routing in Liège (consulting Michelin)

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This isn't about you - this is about project integrity. One lawsuit for
copyright infringement could be enough to kill the project. Or we could get
our data users into serious problems. Whether or not you are an excellent
mapper is not the question. It is just not something we can take chances

When you ask if you should tag copyrighted material as a source, I think we
can safely assume that you're talking about using that material as a
source. Which is never OK.

I find it ironical that you are shocked by a warning about how serious this
is, and in the same message refer to the DWG as vandals. Of course they
break things, but that's only because they're too busy saving us from
larger problems than a few broken relations. But how can you be so
sensitive when it comes to you and so insensitive when it comes to others?

Using copyrighted material to spot errors in OSM is still copyright
violation (well, a specialist in copyright should confirm that). If I
understand correctly what you are trying to do, then you don't even need to
do that. There are tools around which check for things like 'short section
of lower  classification within a larger section of higher classification'.

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