[Tagging] Routing in Liège (consulting Michelin)

André Pirard a.pirard.papou at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 20:03:06 UTC 2016

On 2016-09-17 20:46, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> André Pirard wrote:
>> Last point is what source:???=Michelin ??? to use to prevent a 
>> StijnRR or like arbitrarily destructing well thought out tagging 
>> without notifying the author. I suggest
>> source:highway=https://viamichelin.be/web/Cartes-plans 2016 2016.
> No, you must not copy from copyrighted maps, which includes Michelin's.
> Please confirm that you have not added, and are not going to add, any data
> (including classification judgements) from Michelin maps, otherwise I guess
> we'll have to ask the Data Working Group to suspend your OSM account and
> revert your edits.
> Richard
Of course not, I did not use that Michelin map as a source and I won't.
It would be stupid because it's coarse compared to other allowed sources.
And everything of it and much more is in OSM already.
Even a road classification does not interestingly exist in it (1).
This Subject: and suggested source= are inappropriate and misleading.

The only thing I did is to notice that Michelin runs the N3 in red from
Ans to La Dérivation, compare it to my turbopass map, discover that OSM
has a gap in this primary and post the URLs of a few streets containing
ref=N3 and highway=secondary.  You have read that, haven't you, I posted
their URLs in this thread.
Now if I hope that you won't say that this is copying from Michelin and
that you would send to prison someone who would correct those mistakes
and that you would put the mistakes back in OSM.

I have been *extremely* shocked by what you said after my attempt to help.

Beside mapping the boundaries of South Belgium and other major works, I
have done excellent mapping, I very often correct a huge number of
houses and roads, almost all, misplaced by 3-5-+ meters, I help mappers,
I even help JOSM and others to improve their software for a better OSM.
Revert my edits? 
Remove the Walloon borders?  Remove the other many things? Remove my
humanitarian tagging?  Put houses and roads back to the wrong place?  etc...
Very rarely a word of thanks, except Marc in this thread, close friends,
some developers and the humanitarians.
Always reproaches and destruction.
Even the DWG vandals messed up the marvelous job of the boundaries of

That total lack of consideration for what I'm doing made me decide to
stop contributing to OSM.


(1) On that map, Michelin unhelpfully draws the equivalents of both
OSM's secondary and tertiary in yellow.
Tertiary can't be distinguished from secondary.
The only thing that can be done with it is to build a route to compare
with an OSM and so to have hints to modify the  OSM route.
This said, I tried on Michelin the route Beaufays-Oupeye that I know well.
Definitely, their route #2 27 km via E25 is much better than their
recommended #1 26 km via E40.
And within #2, Bd de Douai -> Poincaré is better than quai des Ardennes,
it is even the signposted route!
So, Michelin is not even always a good adviser!

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