[Tagging] Produce tags for orchards

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Wed Aug 2 21:26:05 UTC 2017


> On Jul 29, 2017, at 11:22 PM, Tobias Zwick <osm at westnordost.de> wrote:
> I find to tag the crop / produce of farmland is rather ineffective, as
> the actual crop being cultivated can and will change over the years or
> even multiple times a year. (See "crop rotation")

Most of the fields I tag with crop= haven’t changed much in a couple hundred years. The “orchards” of mulberry trees have disappeared as silk production dwindled, but the rice paddies that remain have been around for a very long time and grow exclusively rice for as long as the town has existed - the temples built in the 1500s and 1600s mean the town existed then, and they were completely dependent on rice. 

AFAIK, Rice paddies in Asia are usually not rotated nor used for anything besides growing rice. 

Even the corn fields here near my house in Japan produce feed corn and nothing else. They may be fallow for a year, but when they grow anything, it is corn. 

The greenhouses near my house grow nothing but strawberries. Only strawberries. Always. 

The greenhouses up the street grow eggplants every year. For the ten years I have lived here, that land grows eggplants and nothing else.  

The farms I visit in Nagano grow Wasabi. They are purpose built to grow wasabi. It is extremely difficult to grow. Nothing else could ever grow in the prepared gravel beds for them. 


There will always be examples of why a tag is bad - but that means you don’t use it. 

***but that doesn’t mean it is not useful to someone in another region or situation you are unfamiliar with*** 

It may be that we need to modify the tag to suit the needs of everyone, but killing a useful tag or removing a use case because your region or experience says it is not useful is not a great idea - unless you propose a new tag that the old tag would conflict with. 


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