[Tagging] Rivers classification

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sun Aug 6 21:42:08 UTC 2017

We have a hierarchy of "importance" for roads, why not for waterways as
well? It's like we have nothing between motorway (river) and
unclassified (stream). 

The problem I see with some of these stream models is that we are
starting from the big rivers with no mapping of tributaries in many
cases. As detail gets added, it looks like the ratings of all the
downstream segments will need to be recomputed. If there is a system
that starts with a "1" for the estuary and uses increasing values as you
go upstream and pass confluences, that would minimise the recomputations


On 2017-08-06 23:19, Richard wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 05:30:20PM +0200, Daniel Koć wrote: W dniu 06.08.2017 o 13:32, Richard pisze: as of rendering, respecting river width and doing something reasonable
> with intermittent flows would be a great progress. 
> What's the problem with intermittent flows? I'm not familiar with water
> tagging.
> River width is a local property - it can vary lot in different places. I
> need simple, synthetic measure for lower zoom levels (like
> country/continent) without making any computations.

The width is fine for many small rivers where mapping riverbanks would
a nonsense and should be respected by the renderer.
But what you ask for seems like tagging for the renderer. Most of the 
information is already there, either river width or the geometry
by riverbanks.


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