[Tagging] Rivers classification

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Sun Aug 6 22:27:35 UTC 2017

W dniu 06.08.2017 o 23:42, Colin Smale pisze:
> The problem I see with some of these stream models is that we are 
> starting from the big rivers with no mapping of tributaries in many 
> cases. As detail gets added, it looks like the ratings of all the 
> downstream segments will need to be recomputed.

This is a practical problem I see with Strahler/Shreve classifications. 
It would be great if we could check the facts about the rivers somewhere 
else instead of recalculating based on adding more waterways, but I'm 
not sure where we could find such sources.

 > If there is a system that starts with a "1" for the estuary and uses 
increasing values as you go upstream and pass confluences, that would 
minimise the recomputations required.

Order:classic starts with "1" and and it's easy to compute it just once. 
Maybe  drainage basin area or length could be used to further determine 
how important given river is.

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