[Tagging] Brasserie

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 7 22:38:27 UTC 2017

Thomas Bertels <tbertels at gmail.com> wrote:
 > A brasserie is "a small, informal restaurant that serves beer
 > and wine as well as simple food"
 > So should it be tagged as
 > - amenity=restaurant cuisine=brasserie (emphasis on food)?
 > - amenity=pub food=yes (emphasis on drinks)?
 > - amenity=brasserie?

For me, a "brasserie" in Belgium is not a restaurant (I didn't go to a 
restaurant at 06:00pm to drink a beer as you can do with a "brasserie")

Le 07. 08. 17 à 13:01, Marc Gemis a écrit :
> I typically tag them as amenity=restaurant.
somebody create a wiki page yesterday describing your opinion as the 
advice to follow.
If it is your edit, at least it would be useful to wait for several 
opinions before claiming that your opinion is the way to follow.
If it isn't yours, my remark applies to the one who created it

> I also add a tag restaurant:type:NL or horeca:type:NL (I know both are
> bad, undocumented tags) in which I place the "type" as indicated on
> the building.

sorry I don't understand the mean of this tag
did you mean it is like a description in one word using what's written 
on the wall of the building ? why not the description tag ?

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