[Tagging] Fire hydrants vs suction_point

Moritz osm at moritzmueller.ee
Thu Aug 17 14:30:40 UTC 2017

Hi Mark,

>> the hydrant (by the meaning of the word) is something connected
>> to the water main ;)
> If I read the previous wikipedia link, there are pressurized hydrant 
> and
> not-pressurized hydrant.
> If wikipedia use the word hydrant for both, maybe the "by the meaning 
> of
> the world" is that.

I would rely on the Collins English Dictionary in this point rather then 
on wikipedia [1]

> (General Engineering) an outlet from a water main, usually consisting 
> of an upright pipe with a valve attached, from which water can be 
> tapped for fighting fires. See also fire hydrant

According to this definition a dry hydrant is not a hydrant because of 
the lack of connection to the water main.


[1]: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/hydrant

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