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Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 26 11:44:13 UTC 2017

Boutique is not a synonym for (expensive) fashion shop! A boutique
implies small scale, and can sell things other than clothes such as
jewellery and other accessories. The tagging should preferably be
objective (what things actually are) and not subjective (what you or I
might call a certain shop). A large proportion of the protracted
discussions about tagging are about people saying "well I would call it
an X" or "round here we call them Y" - this could go on for ever (and it
frequently does). Concepts like "department store" and "convenience
store" could be made more objective by considering what makes them so,
such as "large floor area" and "sells a very wide variety of things" or
"open long hours". This is what should be in OSM, in a quantified form,
either directly tagged or implied. Floor area can be calculated from the
building size + floors + retail usage, assortment of goods could be a
list of classes or departments, and opening_hours is a well-known
tagging concept.


On 2017-08-26 13:13, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

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> On 26. Aug 2017, at 11:15, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
>> the question turned up if shop=fashion (with 5000 something uses) 
>> should not be deprecated (==not offered for new use) due to overlap with
>> shop=boutique (~11'000 uses) and shop=clothes, clothes=fashion (not
>> particularly popular with roughly 200 uses). It just doesn't seem to
>> have a good definition, which is already pointed out on the wiki page
>> (but without a conclusion).
> I'd see shop=fashion similar with shop=boutique, while shop=clothes is not particularly helpful if you're looking to buy clothes (too generic). I'd roughly see it like this: boutique expensive, fashion cheap(er), department store both, supermarket cheap ;-) 
> What would I search for if I wanted to buy a suit or a shirt (department shops apart which will sell you anything)? Maybe a "boutique for men"? To buy gloves I'd try with a  shop=bags? Or shop=leather? Or shop=sports? Or an outdoor shop? There are many places to buy clothes, cheap, casual, formal, according to the material, for work, gender, age, style, one brand/designer or multiple, or no (known) designer, discounter, different types of clothing (underwear, shirts, etc. 
> I'm rather against reduction of top level shop types, there's IMHO a clear distinction between fashion shops and boutiques, with maybe some edge cases, but still useful overall. Nonetheless I agree that shop=clothes does require subtags to be more useful, but the current situation in the clothes key is not working: 
> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/clothes#values 
> There are many orthogonal, specific properties tagged, e.g. target group (women, men, children, babies), for specific occasions/uses (sports/wedding/workwear), materials (denim/fur), type (underwear/lingerie). Fashion would be yet another new category in this cauldron (with 111 uses it isn't really significant). 
> cheers, 
> Martin  
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