[Tagging] Fire hydrants vs suction_point

Viking viking81 at tin.it
Sun Aug 27 22:18:23 UTC 2017

Hi, I've been away for a week. I'll try to read all your comments.
First of all: Dry riser is a device. Suction point another one. Hydrant another one. Three different things, three different tags. Ok?
Then I agree to remove the use of : where possible.
The word "capacity" is in most cases synonymous of "volume", not "volume/time". It is suitable for a park, for a tank, for a pond. Instead the term "Flow capacity" is sometimes used for streams or pipelines, but I think that the best words are "flow rate": is there a native Englishman that can confirm this? In any case, I would use the word "flow", because it's more intuitive for non British users.
For hydrants or suction point we need to have l/min or gpm: it is necessary for quick calculations when we refill the water tank. So if we use the universal tag flow_capacity=* (or flow_rate=*) the international standard unit will be m3/s, that is suitable for river, streams, etc., but we'll need to specify each time l/min or gpm for hydrants and suction points.
Do you think that it is better to use a universal tag (flow_capacity=* or flow_rate=*) and specify each time the unit of measure rather than have a hydrant specific tag (fire_hydrant:flow_capacity=* or  fire_hydrant:flow_rate=*) with its own default unit (l/min)?

> Currently a contributor can create a emergency=fire_hydrant.
> It's right, it is usable if you don't care about pressure (for example if you have anyway a pump with you).
> Another day, another contributor will add additional information.
And if we divide emergency=fire_hydrant from emergency=suction_point what changes? Nothing.
If a contributor (in some cases and in some countries) can't distinguish an hydrant from a suction point he will randomly use one tag or the other  (more probably emergency=fire_hydrant).
BUT, if you have anyway a pump with you, even if the tag is incorrect, you can take water from that point.
And eventually another day, another contributor will fix the tag.
The problem is not which way we choose to tag these objects, but the problem is in the real world where different object are not visually distinguishable by an inexperienced mapper.

I will read other comments in the next days.
Best regards,

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