[Tagging] shop=fashion

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 03:17:28 UTC 2017

>> Especially if it's a man tagging women's clothing stores! :-)
>> From these comments, I would agree with dropping both =boutique &
>> =fashion, leaving only shop=clothes, with type=men's / women's / children's
>> etc

-1, there are shop that sell clothes and jewelry and accessoires beside clothes.
They do not fit in the "pure" shop=clothes category imho. So we need
to keep at least one other, be it boutique or fashion.

Furthermore I find that non-experts should not discuss dropping a tag.
What's the problem having 3 different tags ? Any data consumer can
take them together if they do not want to differentiate. And maybe a
lot of people understand the difference, but do not participate in
this discussion.

If you don't  know the difference, just use shop=clothes, maybe
another mapper will turn that into boutique/fashion later on.


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