[Tagging] shop=fashion

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 16:12:53 UTC 2017

> I personally totally disagree with this opinion. You are confusing signifier
> and signified. We all use English (I would not say the British one, as
> soccer is an existing value, despite football has been created in UK)
> because it is the current lingua franca. But we cannot map the whole world
> with tagging concepts related only to the UK context. We need to be firstly
> generic.

I just said that if you see boutique as value for the shop key, you
apply the EN-UK definition of boutique, not the French one, not the
German one, not whatever other language you speak.
IMHO you cannot reject a value for the shop tag (or any other tag
besides names, description, inscription) because it means something
else in your language.

And yes there are a few tags that got created that should have been
defined using the EN-UK word instead of the UK-US word.
But that is no reason to say that new tags should not follow the EN-UK

And it is likely that some words do not translate well or does not
exist in EN-UK and for those we need to find a solution (e.g.
school:FR) But that's another topic.


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