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Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Thu Aug 31 16:40:58 UTC 2017

W dniu 31.08.2017 o 18:09, Dave F pisze:
> shop=boutique. Shops in my locale who describe themselves as 
> 'boutiques' ("for the discerning and stylish woman.") are primarily 
> based around clothing, but often have a side-lines of other products, 
> such as jewellery, handbags, beauty products & even homeware. Would 
> shop=clothes. clothes=boutique clarify?

It's the same word, just nested, so it doesn't help, because we still 
don't know what it really means. =}

If we think that accessories are the core feature, it probably won't fit 
in clothes anyway, but it's not clear yet. It's also interesting how 
being an outlet and selling second hand or handmade items relates to 

Thanks for sharing your 2 cents!

"Probably it's an eternal problem - too many chiefs, too few Indians" [O. Muzalyev]

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