[Tagging] self-service laudry machines a camp and caravan sites

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All washing machines have a load capacity in kg.  It may not be printed on the front of the unit but it can be found in the owners' manual or online.  I would caution against the key "Laundromat:10kg_sidewasher" because they aren't always round numbers like that.  For example this triple-load machine is 13.6 kg:


Perhaps the following tagging scheme like this would be more appropriate:





And if there are multiple styles of machine with different capacities it could have a tag like Laundromat:sidewasher:1 and Laudromat:sidewasher:1:capacity etc.

It's a little complex but I'd imagine this scheme would work anywhere in the world.

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> Javbw
> Side note:
> I imagine laundromats could have a whole
> Laundromat:foobar=n  scheme.
> Laundromat:10kg_dryer=8
> Laundromat:20kg_dryer=2
> Laundromat:10kg_sidewasher=3
> Laundromat:20kg_sidewasher=1
> Laundromat:shoe_washer=1
> Laundromat:shoe_dryer=1
> Would be the closest laundromat to my house, Kg are approx.

That wouldn't work too well in the US.  Here, capacities are
typically measured in notional "loads": the average laundromat would
have a large number of "single-load" machines, a few "double-load" or
"triple-load" machines, and possibly a side-loading "five-load" machine
for things like quilts or sleeping bags.


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