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Hi Warin,

2017-02-13 8:42 GMT+01:00 Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com>:

> In Australia;
> Heavy industry gets 3 phases.

Same in Europe, 2-phases or 3-phases depends on needs.
Here 3-phases for heavy industry :

2-phases for train traction (2 separate circuits of 2 phases each) :
>From public power grid :
To traction substation :

> A few houses may get 2 phases if their load is very large .. but it is
> unusual and a safety concern, no single room should have more than one
> phase.
> Even fewer houses get 3 phase .. usually where the workshop has a
> requirement for a 3 phase motor/furnace.
+1 same here, 3-phases fed households tend to disapear while current usage
is single phase + neutral pole.

> Transformers will have an input voltage and an output voltage, usually
> these voltages are different.

Sure, currently voltage=* expects a list with upper voltage;lower voltage.
Or voltage-up and voltage-down can be used. I'm in favor of voltage:primary
+ voltage:secondary (+ voltage:tertiary if transformer got more than 2
Another proposal will be completed later for this.

> Most of the time these voltages will be on the lines connected to the
> transformer (and the pole) and would be redundant.
Yes they have to, but a pole can carry several lines or circuits in the
same line. If lines/circuits are operated at different voltages, which one
will serve the transformer(s) exactly ?
Furthermore, even if a single line is supported by the pole, which side of
the transformer is connected to it ?
I'm thinking of a pole carrying a "low voltage" line used for distribution,
hosting a transformer at the top of it and the transformer gets its power
from an underground "high voltage" cable rising up on the pole itself. Then
you'll need to know the voltages of both cable and line AND the voltages of
transformer's sides to say the overhead "low voltage" line is fed wheter by
the primary or secondary interface.

It's a bit complex and I see no redundancy here.

> Switches ... usually used for isolation.

Can you elaborate a bit more please ?

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