[Tagging] RFC: amenity=locker and amenity=luggage_locker

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 13:51:12 UTC 2017

2017-02-16 14:41 GMT+01:00 Philip Barnes <phil at trigpoint.me.uk>:

> Do left luggage lockers still exist?
> Normally at airports and railway stations these have been replaced by a
> left luggage facilities where your items are handed to someone who then
> puts them through an airport type scanner and gives you a receipt.
> Maybe this is amenity=left_luggage.

amenity=left_luggage is documented here (as is amenity=luggage_locker as I
just note):

I also discovered now this:
(similar but not in English)

there are now fewer of those lockers, but they still exist, often a bit
isolated from the main flow of people (and things).

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