[Tagging] access: motorcar and goods, how to read the hierarchy

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 10:57:11 UTC 2017

Looking at the current state of access tag documentation:


isn't "goods" a subclass of motorcar, rather than a parallel class of it's

I came across this, because the Italian driving code has besides others
these 2 classes (interestingly they also have a distinct class for animal
drawn sleighs):

- autoveicolo: super class which requires:
  - at least 4 wheels, motorbikes excluded
  - motor
  and has subclasses from a) to n)
  basically it is a subclass of "motor_vehicle", including cars, busses,
tractors,  and hgv, but excluding quads, trikes, motorbikes, light
motorbikes, cars with 3 wheels (e.g. Piaggio ape), some tractors,

- autovettura: vehicles for the transport of persons, max 9 seats, but
excluding some other classes (like goods).

Question is: what is motorcar meant to mean in OSM?

Isn't there a general problem with the hierarchy? Imagine finding a sign
forbidding motorcars to pass. Isn't this including hgv as well? (In Germany
at least it does), but in our hierarchy, motorcar and hgv are side a side.


for reference:

54a: "autovetture: veicoli destinati al trasporto di persone, aventi al
massimo nove posti, compreso quello del conducente;"
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