[Tagging] A place where letters & parcels are sent to be sorted so they can be delivered?

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Sat Feb 25 17:20:02 UTC 2017

On 25/02/2017 14:33, Philip Barnes wrote:
> On Sat Feb 25 10:49:49 2017 GMT, Dave F wrote:
>> This is interesting. From what wikipedia says, the building I was
>> tagging in Britain may not be classed as a sorting office/mail centre
>> any more, but a 'delivery office'. (only 28 taginfo of a claimed 1,356 -
>> maybe a good quarterly project for Talk-GB?).
> A delivery office is subtly different in that it is the point where posties do the final sort into their bags for delivery. In terms of mapping these are the most important places to map as they are where the public go to collect mail that couldn't be delivered. The public do not generally need to access a sorting office as that deals with outgoing mail.
> To complicate things a bit further, Shrewsbury Mail Centre acts as both outgoing sorting office and local delivery office. I would imagine that is quite common in large towns and cities.
> Phil (trigpoint)

A quick search returns this, almost certainly outdated, list of UK 
delivery offices. 

I'd be surprised if it hadn't been posted to Talk-GB previously.

For tagging I believe the wikipedia wording of mail_centre & 
delivery_office are the one's to use. At least for the UK. How would 
those descriptions fit with the rest of the world?


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