[Tagging] Potential proposal for more detail in old_ref=*?

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Feb 27 22:12:28 UTC 2017

On 2/27/17 4:58 PM, yo paseopor wrote:
> OK, with new tags, with new values, with new behaviour, but not
> outside OSM data because if there would be another "accident" or
> unafortunate facts the information will be inside OSM and other can
> start another render with these information. 
if we do our backups properly, then data will not be lost again. the
goal is for
backups to be in a number of places, separate from the main server, and
so we are sure they're good.
> Think about Wikipedia: is wikipedia divided in kinds of information?
> All are at the same system, You have some portals but all the
> information is at the same place (for this reason an image in
> wikipedia is uploaded to commons).
> Historic information is so important...that I think all has to be at
> the same place (data). Renders is other thing, you can make whatever
> you want, featuring the information you want to. 
>     so from my point of view, keeping the historic data in its own
>     place is
>     part of
>     trying to keep OSM peace. did we have some problems? yes. are they
>     correctable?
>     yes. i think some lessons have been learned, but our takeaway is very
>     different
>     from yours.
> I don't know what is your takeaway. I'm a user, I'm a mapper, I'm a
> man who loves the history and I want that all my possible future work
> and the others won't be lost, and will be accessible...forever.
> Because that is about history. So more information, more historical
> information about refs would be interesting in OSM with the correct
> keys and values.
in the past many OSM users have expressed hostility to trying to load up all
this historic data in OSM. none of them have spoken up so far; hopefully
will do so and express their concerns & objections in an appropriate manner
(tagging is not always a friendly list, but this discussion has been
friendly so
far and hopefully it stays that way.)


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