[Tagging] Wrong use of landuse=village_green - but what else to use?

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Fri Jan 13 00:06:16 UTC 2017

On 13-Jan-17 10:31 AM, John Willis wrote:
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>> On Jan 12, 2017, at 6:50 AM, Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net> wrote:
>> The green spaces ( and concrete or whatever) around a road are part of the infrastructure of a road.
> If someone is just mapping a road with a single way, including the sidewalk in the way's tags, I agree-
> But in cities where the sidewalks are mapped separately as individual ways, the green space is often the barrier between the walkway/cycleway and the roads and buildings on either side.
> We are mapping the electrical cabinets.
> Light posts. Electrical poles. Telephone boxes. Signs. Trees. Even curbs. They are not the "driving" part of the road.

We don't map these as landuse=light_pole etc.

We map a light pole as a light pole .. the land use is separate.

If the light pole is on an area tagged as a recreation ground .. then that is the use to which the light pole is put, lighting the recreation ground.

Grass is a land cover. It could be used to lie on, sit on, play sport .. the grass does not determine the use to which it is put.
Landuse=grass is wrong. Simply wrong.

Argument about what an area is used for ... well that will vary from one area to another .. and again the local mapper is in the best position to judge that.
But to say it is used by the grass? No.

> This inherently means that the "sides" of urban roads do not belong to the road. They belong to the sidewalks. The sidewalks may have some relation or route value that is shared (I don't know how that goes) - but in many places the route that a pedestrian would take is much different than a cyclist or a car (ped stairs, walkways over busy intersections, tunnels, etc) - Mapping very difficult and varying sidewalks means the chance to map the green barriers as the barriers they are, and the grass that is adjacent to them on the building side.

Is not the side walk administered by the same people who administer the road? That will vary by location.
In some places at least the road, road verge and side walk are all administered by the same authority... the highway people.

> This means that, to make the micromapping levels the same, we have to be consistent in following the patterns with other tags.

Indeed. landuse=grass is not consistent either. It is just a very bad value.

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