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Wed Jan 18 05:39:16 UTC 2017

On 18-Jan-17 03:21 PM, Marc Gemis wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 11:51 AM, Marc Zoutendijk
> <marczoutendijk at mac.com> wrote:
>> +1, In addition I would note that I have never met one single person who is
>> using OSM to plan his public transport journeys. I’m a very heavy user of
>> public transport and I always use the website from the operator to find out
>> when/where/how my bus/train is going. I would not even think of OSM…
> I thought several PT companies are experimenting with OSM. See e.g.
> [1] which is a presentation by the French Transilien company on indoor
> mapping of their railway stations at the last State of the Map. I
> believe their is also a German company doing similar things.
> There are some multi modal route planner (sorry no links) that combine
> bus/bike/train routes. Something no PT provider can offer as they only
> have their own data. This is also mentioned in the video [1].

Never say never?

A PT provider with multi modal planer - bus, train, light rail  and ferry for Sydney, Australia


{example test; from Terry Hills Pubilc School Myoora Rd, Terrey Hills to City Rd near Butlin Av, Camperdown}


includes at least some 'private' bus companies (I think most), so not all operated by the major PT provider (the government in this case).
these mostly run on an 'opal' card.
the present data in OSM is poor for Sydney bus routes

There is an opal card retailer finder on the web site .. however
I prefer an off line map (like OSM) to keep my mobile data use for things like weather and fire - where real time is important.

Personally I like to use both the PT providers website and a map,
sometimes where I want to go is an area, using a public transport map I can better asses where to go,
I then use PT provider web planer, changing the precise location to find a good multi mode route.
the PT web site is set up for people who want to get from A to B at a particular time,
I may prefer a scenic route using a ferry, a train trip across the bridge ... a map helps.

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