[Tagging] charging stations: CCS socket wiki conflict

lucas-osm at use.startmail.com lucas-osm at use.startmail.com
Sat Jan 21 19:11:50 UTC 2017


on charging stations we distinguish between socket types like Type1, Type2, Chademo etc.
But currently the english wiki version differs from the german one on tagging the CCS (combined charging system) socks.
The english version uses socket:type2 and socket:type2_combo (CCS) to characterize the models. The german however uses socket:type2 and socket:combo2.

These tow different special tags describing the same socket have led to some confusion among some german mappers. I’ve already seen some stations containing both tags.

Looking at the history it seems like the user Mentor changed the tag socket:combo2 to socket:type2_combo in June 2015. According to his comment that time the tag was unused, so I assume he adapted the type1_combo style to the type2 socket to use an uniform style. But sadly he forgot to edit the other languages as well.

Usage according to taginfo:
   socket:type2_combo 135
   socket:combo2 72

So my question is how should we proceed? Should we stay with those tow different tags? Or only use one? But which one? I’d suggest staying with the english socket:type2_combo, to be consistent between Type1 and Type2 sockets.


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