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> On Jan 24, 2017, at 9:05 PM, Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 10:59 AM, John Willis <johnw at mac.com <mailto:johnw at mac.com>> wrote:
> The problem I am running into is that the fuel shops that I am trying to tag **look** like a gas station - but **do not sell gasoline or diesel**. it is not a “gas station” it is a Heating oil stand.  it sells kerosene. it is outdoors. it has pumps. some people pull their cars up to it.  But they They fill tanks of kerosene. 
> Originally, I proposed this type of shop to tag a facility selling to a limited crowd and selling specifically motor_fuel for motorcycles and other small engine machinery. In fact, my main intent was to avoid confusing these fuel shops with "gas stations", which is John's concern also. Expanding it to include other types of fuel is a fine idea and in order to gain some specificity why not add a fuel=* tag? In the case of motor_fuel we already have fuel:octane_91, etc, fuel:diesel to describe the motor fuels. One might also use:

Sounds like a similar use. considering the importance of finding a gas station when low on fuel, keeping that tag just for cars seems like a great idea.

I don’t care if it is pumped or in cans - if it is a shop that distributes a non-transport fuel or a transport fuel in non-car quantities - basically fuel sold in a non-gasoline stand way -  we need a “fuel shop”, as well as an amenity or similar tag to add onto other shops (gas stations that sell propane, camp sites stores that sell firewood, etc). If it is *worth tagging* that they sell it, then it should be taggable. we don’t need to tag every item a shop sells unless there is some relevant reason. Heating, transportation, and other major pieces of infrastructure should be mappable (these are dedicated shops, in my case), and in countries where that infrastructure is crude (people selling motorcycle gas in a PET bottle out of a shed) - then it is possible that it is _more important_ to be mapped because of the tenuous nature of the distribution channels - a mappable location by locals would be a good place to go to get what you need, as compared to drowning in choices of gas stations in a first world country. 

> fuel=kerosene
> fuel=motor_fuel (for a more general case or in situations where the "octane" rating of the offering is unknown)

at some point, is “gasoline” too low of an octane grade to not be called gasoline? are they selling diesel or oil-mixed 2-stroke gas instead? 

> fuel=wood
> fuel=charcoal
> fuel=LPG (for cooking or RVs, not vehicles powered by LPG)

 I have to be careful about LNG vs LPG - Japan’s household tanked-gas infrastructure deals with LNG, which is different than LPG. 

I got confused there for a second. 

> Or, as some have suggested, substitute "sells" for "fuel" in the above tagging scheme?

Whatever people decide is best is fine to me, as long as we get a method to tag these shops - though shop=fuel already implies they sell fuel. the fuel:foobar=yes scheme seems appropriate, but whatever is decided upon. 


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