[Tagging] Power Tower Landuse = ?

Fran├žois Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 13:54:01 UTC 2017

2017-07-04 15:39 GMT+02:00 Mark Bradley <ethnicfoodisgreat at gmail.com>:

> I nominate Martin, John Willis, and a few others on this list to form a
> committee and formulate an organized tagging structure for OSM.  You guys
> are intelligent and thoughtful and I would trust you to come up with a good
> solution.  I'm tired of the endless debating back and forth on this list
> that seldom goes anywhere.
> I know this won't happen, but I just wanted to voice my thoughts.

Hi Mark,

This doesn't sound so simple (unfortunately)

There was a proposal regarding power supports (where power=tower was quoted)

But currently rejected due to important usage of certain "to be changed"
According to that, I'm not sure people would agree to move from tower to

Regarding the main topic of this thread, if perimeter at the base of any
power support (it can be pylons, tower, poles, portal, whatever) is
dedicated in any means (often fenced) to power business, I would agree to
use landuse.
If not, crossing landuse may remain.

All the best

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