[Tagging] definition of the key "office"

Martin Koppenhöfer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 11:58:52 UTC 2017

> On 6 Jul 2017, at 13:33, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> - employment_agency
> Some people (the public) go to employment agencies to seek employment. 

doubtlessly. Is it similar to a “shop”? Do they “sell a service”? It will depend on the kind of agency (e.g. in Germany, you won’t have to pay for the services that the government run employment agency provide).

>> - newspaper (ok, might be disputable)
> Yep. Some go to place advertisements, reprints of old editions/photos

sure, but is it the main purpose of a newspaper office? Do you pay for the service provided at the office, or do you pay for the advertisement actually being printed and distributed (i.e. something not done in the office)? Compare it to an advocate or travel agent.

IMHO, this list is a lot of apples and pears, and the title (definition) is not a good fit.


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