[Tagging] Formally informal sidewalks

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 16:22:22 UTC 2017

Le 18. 07. 17 à 16:01, Nick Bolten a écrit :
>> All crossing between a sidewalk and a driveways I have tag have the same
>> type of kerb on each side. It's why I use kerb=lowered without any need
>> for left/right details, it is for the whole crossing.
> I think I'm confused again



on shared node

>> Therefore I never needed to ask myself how I tag a useless mixed layout
>> A crossing with a raised kerb on one side and a lowered kerb on the
>> other side is as unusable for wheelchair as if it was raised on both
>> sides.
> Not true! Some wheelchair users are happy to go down a raised curb
kerb=raised is defined on the wiki as "implies wheelchair=no"
so it is used on kerb with a high height and wheelchair routing avoid it
Of course you can also break this...
Do you know a tool capable of making a wheelchair routing with 
kerb=raised usable in incline=down direction ?
Or are you talking about a theoretical usecase that currently
does not exist ?

Keep foot routing working before thinking about exceptional cases... 
because exceptional cases 'll not work if you break many things !

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