[Tagging] "Temporary" road with once-per-half-hour access.

Tijmen Stam mailinglists at iivq.net
Tue Jul 18 20:11:30 UTC 2017


Near my parent's holiday cabin an earthslide-waiting-to-happen has 
rendered the normal road accessible only in daylight.
An emergency road has been made, with the following characteristics:
- open from 22:00 to 6:00 (when the main road is closed)
- One-way, alternating every "30 minutes" (should be every 15)
- Opening hours direction Abriès: 22h00, 22h30, 23h00 etc
- Opening hours direction Aiguilles: 22h15, 22h45, 23h15 etc.
- Duration of green light: 7 minutes

(and then some general weight/axleload/length restrictions).

If I were pedantic, how would I map this?

At the start towards Abriès, an "access:forward = no" + 
"access:forward:conditional = yes @ (22:00-22:07, 22:30-22:37, ... )" 
tag over a short section, and mutatis mutandis at the other end?

I foresee that this situation will last several years. Since march this 
year the normal road has been open to traffic in daylight only (which is 
far shorter in spring), the departement has been working hard to open 
the emergency road in time for the tourist season.

Are there any other cases in the world where something like this is mapped?
I found the Anton Anderson memorial Tunnel in Alaska to have a 
directional access timetable like this (see schedule at 
<http://dot.alaska.gov/creg/whittiertunnel/index.shtml>), but not mapped.


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