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Hi marc,

I am one that checks both the source and the history of changes to understand why a features was created and from where.

JOSM does already have a history and can be accessed by selecting the feature then holding down the Ctrl key and pressing h. The history comes up in a separate window with the changesets as well.

Source tags are very useful especially if done correctly. I rate a GPS, Field Survey or Local Knowledge quite high because it means someone has actually been there and seen it. I add the date of my visit to a place in my changeset comment for that reason. It also helps to identify how old my knowledge is. The date of change I can also get from Ctrl + h. The background imagery (Bing) can be anything up to 6 years old in many places and at best about 2 years old so it is not reliable for up-to-date information.

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I create a new thread because it have no link with a tree :-)

Le 22. 07. 17 à 22:20, ael a écrit :
 > On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 08:51:16PM +0200, Simon Poole wrote:
 >> a) good practice to tag source on the changeset.
 > I always include a fairly comprehensive list
 > of sources on changesets, but *need* individual source tags
 > on objects. Otherwise, subsequent mappers come along with
 > far inferior information and wipe out my many hours/days/years of
 > careful work on the ground.
This problem exists for any tag. Where does the localization for a 
crossing come from? Gps / aerial? What is the date of this ?
I don't imagine that we triple all the tag to have source+date just in 
case someone doesn't read changesets when he thinks that an object needs 
If he doesn't read changesets, will he pay attention to your source tag?
In my edit, I delete often previous source tag.
Because if I modify an object after survey, a previous source=bing for 
example on an object no longer say anything usefull.
I don't add source tag on object for the same reason.
What would be useful is to have a link beside each tag indicating the 
last changeset that touched it.
Or maybe a josm plugin can parse the history of the object

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