[Tagging] source tag on object <> changeset

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 25 11:06:56 UTC 2017

Hello Ralph,

I also use josm and his history/changeset/diff function, is's nice.

But as you said yourself, all info you put at the chansetset level are 
easy to read... if other mapper want it !
So if comment/source/date is in changeset tag, why duplicate it on every 
object ? just in case that a mapper 'll read source tag on object not on 
changeset ? I don't thing so.

I often see small localization errors.
When I spent time to understand it, it's common that someone make for 
exemple a "way align" using old bing picture.
The previous source tag on this object is therefore wrong.
It's why I never trust a source tag on object. You can never know if 
this is right or if someone has changed the object in the meantime 
without changing the tag. Therefore, it is necessary to read the history 
to know if the source source tag on the object is a duplicated 
information or outdated information. Because you still need to read the 
changeset history, source tag on object are useless.

Source tag on object is like giving two sheets of paper to a blind man.
a real problem (some people doesn't read) but a bad solution (duplicate 
information that become out-of-sync)

We need to talk to people who doens't take care of previous source.
That the only way to make them aware.

It would be also useful that editors (including Id), when someone edits 
a tag, parse the history to display the source/comment/date/chanset that 
changed this tag for the last time.
This could raise awareness people who think their source is always the 
best and the only uptodate.
In an ideal world, it would also be necessary for editor to know the 
date of the imagery currently used to warn the user when imagery is 
older that the last used source.


Le 25. 07. 17 à 09:01, ralph.aytoun at ntlworld.com a écrit :
 > I rate a GPS, Field Survey or Local Knowledge quite high
 > because it means someone has actually been there and seen it.
 > I add the date of my visit to a place in my changeset comment

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