[Tagging] Recommendation for building tags

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 27 09:06:16 UTC 2017

Le 27. 07. 17 à 07:14, Vozniuk Taras a écrit :
> *1. Whether the building is permanent or not.*
> Users select from the following preset /{permanent, semi-permanent, 
> non-permanent} . /Cannot really find an appropriate tag for this.
by default, a building is permanent :)
you can use temporary=yes

>> *2. If building contains a basement.*
>> Should we use *basement=*{yes, no}, or *building:basement=*{yes, no}
 > building_levels={overground levels}
 > building_levels:underground=*
no, it is :

> *3. Shape of the building.*
it is done by geometry of the building, not a tag.
I found building:shape with a very low usage.
Maybe you 'll make a proposal to a proposal to clarify this

> *4. Slope of the site where building is located.*
> Selection from/ {flat, moderate, steep}. /Can we use *incline *tag for this?
the best would be to put a entrance node on the building outline
add a step_count with the number of step (also 0)
add a incline=up/down

add a way between the road and the entrance
if it is a staircase highway=steps + incline=up/down
if it is not a staircase, highway=path + incline=up/down


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