[Tagging] Produce tags for orchards

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Thu Jul 27 21:05:56 UTC 2017

On Thursday 27 July 2017, Tobias Zwick wrote:
> Together with Roland Kr├╝ger, I am in the process of letting users of
> StreetComplete, a surveyor app for OpenStreetMap, specify the produce
> of orchards.[1]
> We did a lot of research on which plants are grown on orchards [2]
> and are now at the point where we need to decide how these should be
> tagged.
> Unfortunately, there are *three* competing keys to describe basically
> the same things (for orchards). Neither of these is deprecated, all
> are in use: trees, crop and produce.

Taginfo is your friend to find out what tags are most commonly used.

It tells you on


landuse=orchard + trees=*: 82k cases
landuse=orchard + crop=*: 4.9k cases
landuse=orchard + produce=*: 2.9 cases

and you can also see that genus=* and species=* are much more common 
than crop=* or produce=*.

If you look at:


You can see that this tag is most commonly used for farmland.

If you look down the list you can also spot 945 cases of 


which - if you follow the link to overpass turbo - turn out to all be on 
an island in Nicaragua in combination with landuse=orchard.

Safe to say that trees=* is the dominating method to tag what is grown 
in an orchard.

Note the wiki is currently fairly unclear about the separation between 
landuse=orchard and landuse=farmland.  On 


it suggests landuse=plantation for fruit bushes which links to 
landuse=plant_nursery which is clearly unsuited for this purpose.  This 
seriously needs clarification.

Christoph Hormann

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