[Tagging] Produce tags for orchards

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 23:12:02 UTC 2017

On 28-Jul-17 07:05 AM, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> On Thursday 27 July 2017, Tobias Zwick wrote:
>> Together with Roland Kr├╝ger, I am in the process of letting users of
>> StreetComplete, a surveyor app for OpenStreetMap, specify the produce
>> of orchards.[1]
>> We did a lot of research on which plants are grown on orchards [2]
>> and are now at the point where we need to decide how these should be
>> tagged.
>> Unfortunately, there are *three* competing keys to describe basically
>> the same things (for orchards). Neither of these is deprecated, all
>> are in use: trees, crop and produce.
> Taginfo is your friend to find out what tags are most commonly used.

The frequency of use can be influenced by;

the date of the tags creation - the earlier a tag is created the more use it can have over a 'better' tag created later

the pre-sets of editors - these can be the opinion of one person.

I would not place too much importance on the amount of use by itself.

> Safe to say that trees=* is the dominating method to tag what is grown
> in an orchard.

Looking at the wider application to farmland leads to things like potatoes, these are not trees.

The  use of the tag tree for things like strawberry plants is not good. They are NOT trees!

Other plants, such as 'shrubs' too are being tagged as 'trees' too.

Personally I prefer the key 'produce' as it does mean what leaves the farm (or orchard).
These is also no problem with produce such as milk - tree=milk or crop=milk make no sense.
Then there are palm trees that produce dates ...

If you want to keep it simple .. I think 'produce' is best.

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