[Tagging] siphon underpass

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 13:40:23 UTC 2017

I am looking into how to tag a frequent feature in my area, i.e. a siphon
underpass, known in Italian as "botte a sifone" or "botte sifone" and in
French as "pont siphon". This is a non.connecting waterway crossing where
the lower waterway passes through a U-shaped siphon. The bottom part of the
U is a tunnel that is lower as the normal level of the waterway.
Up to now I have mapped them as tunnel= yes, and more recently as
tunnel=culvert, but they are so frequent, and different from a culvert,
that I would like to start tagging them with tunnel=siphon_underpass.
They are also used to pass non-navigable waterways under roads and other
There are hundreds or more in Northern Italy and I presume in other flat
parts of the world where there are many artificial waterways. I remember to
have seen them on drinking_water canals in California, but don't remember

I could not find any tagging schemes for this in OSM, but I may have missed
them in ignorance of the proper technical terms.

A locally famous example dates from the 16. century: il ponte canale
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