[Tagging] fire hydrants

Viking viking81 at tin.it
Fri Jun 9 21:10:20 UTC 2017


I have a question about this wiki definition:


fire_hydrant:diameter=# (optional, in mm, inches or letters. This is the
diameter of the water main feeding the hydrant. )


Is this the diameter of the underground pipe or the diameter of the threaded

In case of the underground pipe diameter, it is almost always unkwown for a
normal OSM mapper.

In case of the threaded outlet, we have often multiple outlets with
different diameters as in this case [1]: which diameter should we tag? The
bigger one? Or all diameters separated by semicolons?

And finally, how we tag the number of multiple outlets? fire_hydrant:count=#
should be used to tag the number of hydrants, not of outlets, right?


Perhaps to tag an hydrant like this [1], supposing it has two 45 mm outlets
and one 100 mm outlet, it would be correct to use:











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