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On Jun 17, 2017 2:30 PM, "Robert Koch" <robert.koch at loggia.at> wrote:

Moreover how useful is "pillar" if there is "dry_barrel" and
"wet_barrel"? How would non-fire-fighters or non-local fire-fighters tag
such pillar hydrants?

"Pillar" is "I don't know which." There are a few hydrants near me that
have a different appearance from our usual dry barrel design and carry
signs warning that they must be pumped out after use.  I tagged them
"pillar" because I honestly don't know what they are.

Around the US, virtually universally, wet barrels have individual shutoff
valves for each coupling while dry barrels have a single shutoff in the
center of the bonnet. You have to get pretty far south for wet barrels to
be practicable, since they'd burst in a hard winter.
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