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On 19-Jun-17 08:30 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>     Currently we categorize settlements by number of inhabitants, modified
>     by importance. I would rather not open another dimension. The type of
>     of a settlement can be deduced by processing the landuse inside. If
>     there is use in a binary (yes/no) property it should be added to the
>     place=* feature: e.g. dispersed_settlement=yes. But this looks more
>     like job for Wikidata.
> we base our settlement classification not only on population, the 
> population numbers serve as an indicator what size we expect from 
> certain classes in certain areas, but they are not hard limits. Other 
> factors we consider: part of a settlement or whole settlement, 
> functional/cultural parameters (a place which is officially a "town" 
> in Italy will be a town in OSM, a place which isn't a "town" will not 
> become more than a "village") and maybe more.

The functional aspect counts to a fair degree in Australia. As the over 
all population density is low a small remote settlement will usually 
have more facilities that a European would expect from the settlements 
population size.
Settlements can serve a vast area with high demand for these facilities. 
If a settlement failed to provide these facilities travelling times to 
obtain these services would be large (days there and back).

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