[Tagging] Pool decks?

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Tue Jun 20 04:01:56 UTC 2017

When mapping pool complexes and water parks, often times there is a significant area around the pool, often referred to as the pool deck in the US (I don't know about elsewhere). This is often concrete, and can be almost as much area as the pool itself. 

For a water park, often times there is also significant areas of concrete or a paving material similar to tartan (used on running tracks) for people playing on the different attractions. 

Sometimes, at malls and other places in hot climates, there is a similar place to a water park attraction where water squirts out of the ground and gets you (mostly small kids) wet, like a fountain hidden in the ground - but it is a pedestrian walkway, and anyone can walk through, and no standing water is present. 

I assume, minimally,


on such areas is acceptable minimal tagging, but if I wanted to add an additional tag, similar to the footway=* tag, to it to say "this is the pedestrian area around/for a water feature, meant for people enjoying the water" 

I initially thought of access=*, but that would clash with the overall access of the area (customers for a mall, private for a swim club, etc).  

I also think tagging it as a pitch is a bad idea. 

As a person who used to spend hours a day on a pool deck, it is a special kind of pedestrian-only access area, and I would like a way to differentiate it from a plaza. 

Any ideas? 


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