[Tagging] minibus routes

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 09:30:22 UTC 2017

On 26-Jun-17 05:53 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> Maybe a different kind of route type or subtype wouldn't be bad for such tourist sightseeing hop on hop off bus routes, because they have nothing to do with "public transport " in the sense that locals won't use them ever for simply moving from A to B (at least around here: too slow, too expensive, not part of the official public transport network).

Some "public transport" routes serve both tourist and local alike. One route I recently added is such a route - uses regular public transport buses with regular drivers.
What makes it a tourist route is that it goes from a train station to several tourist sights.
What makes it usefull for locals is that it is a frequent service ~ 15 minutes between buses (compared to 2 hours or more depending on the route).
The route itself is not so scenic, better to get off and walk a bit.

There are tourist bus operators, but they are much more expensive (tend to cater for the over seas tourist), much less frequent,
tend to stop while the tourist explore and then continue with the same bus.
If you have limited knowledge of the area and want to see it in one hit they are good value.
If you have a basic knowledge of the area then your better off with the public transport if you can figure out a suitable schedule.

I think the operator tag will give you the kind of service - public transport/private sightseeing.
Most users will want to look up the schedules and those will give some idea of the speed, if there is a schedule at all.
So a website tag might be handy.

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