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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Tue Jun 27 00:43:33 UTC 2017

I just re-tagged a small rural station I created, after mapping the surrounding area better. 

https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/36.27303/139.28168 <https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/36.27303/139.28168>

-  the railway=station is an area used by the station, both “inside the fence” for the track and platform, and “outside the fence” for the small bathroom and gravel lot for bicycle/car parking. the fence goes through the area.

- there is a ticket machine dispensing one-time-use little paper slips at the station entrance. It only has the station ref=* on it.  You then pay the fee on the train itself when you exit based on the slip you took from the machine. Normally, a “one man” train dispenses these little paper slips to from little machines to you as you get on the train - there is usually no ticketing system at any station on a “one man” line - the driver does all the jobs. But on this particular line, the  the slip dispensing machine is at the station. Press a button to get one.  this is in contrast to a bus, where you pay as you get on or off a set fee, and have no need to show how far you have travelled. 

- the landuse=railway is tagged, and there is some old land at the station originally used for siding, but all of the tracks are gone, but it is inside the railway’s fence. i had the landuse=railway cover that area rather than the station. 


- I mapped railway=station to cover both the tracks and roadways, and encompasses all the potions of the station - gravel parking area, restrooms, platforms, stop positions. This how I imagine railway=station should be used. is this acceptable? 

- since the little slips are similar to tickets (and not passes), is using “ticket vending machine” + fee=none acceptable? 

- is my mapping of landuse=railway to the west and east of the station acceptable? 

Payment question: 

suburban/rural stations in the US and Japan often have NFC terminals you are required to touch to show that you have entered the train system at that particular station (and intend to travel somewhere). How do we show the location of these NFC train pass points  (Suica/pasmo in Japan) when they are not at traditional ticket gates?   At this particular station, it is on the wall next to the bathrooms (IIRC) near or combined with the slip vending machine, and there is no barrier whatsoever associated with these style of NFC card readers. I imagine having a point tag for the location of these “IC” card readers is useful, but I don’t know what to use, as they are not dispensing anything, and are often used for both entering and exiting the system. 

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