[Tagging] EuroVelo tagging

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Mar 5 18:38:37 UTC 2017

Europe has numerous international cycle routes signposted and marketed 
as 'EuroVelo', and these are often mapped in OSM:


Unfortunately the tagging is pretty inconsistent, especially when routes 
are shared with national/regional (NCN/RCN) routes, as is usually the 
case. Although a relation with 'network=icn' is the convention for 
international cycling routes, people do sometimes change this to 
'network=ncn' and 'ref=EV<...>' for tagging-for-the-renderer reasons. 
The result is that we have messy and inconsistent tagging.

At present the wiki project page doesn't have any tagging guidance:


I would like to suggest that we formalise existing good practice by 
saying that roads/paths on a EuroVelo route should directly be part of a 
route relation. That relation should be tagged:

	ref=11 [or whatever the EuroVelo route number is]

Grouping several route relations together in a 'master relation' is all 
good (as these routes are often too long for one manageable relation), 
as is operator/brand tagging to indicate that this is EuroVelo in 
particular. But I'd like to document the above as the minimum, simplest 
thing. It seems to be generally accepted and is in line with NCN/RCN 



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