[Tagging] how to map simple buildings

Peter Barth osm-tagging at won2.de
Sun Mar 5 19:22:00 UTC 2017

Hi Christian,

"Christian Müller" schrieb:
> I'm sure there is a lot of stuff in OSM where you could
> trade code against a relation.  But most of the time it
> introduces dependencies: on caching [...]

you're probably more than 10 years late with that and there had
been many to suggest great new database schemata, great to
evaluate tagging methods and what not. The success of OSM is (in
part) based on the concept of "the simplest thing that could
possibly work".

S3DB building is easy and worked for several years now. And for
this one theoretical case where you wouldn't be able to tag a
building without relation the S3DB site even allows to use
relations (although I've yet to see a building tagged in all
those years where the relation is really necessary and if there
is, it probably shouldn't be in OSM but in an external model

If you can't live without relations, use them. But please let
everyone else go without and accept that this had been discussed
in length in the past. Relations just make things worse. Mappers
even screw up simple multipolygons all the time and that's
actually something where relations make sense in the absence of
an area type.


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