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Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com
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I'm all for simplicity... this discussion is all too sophisticated for me!

Hi Kevin,

Some of these discussions involve the most trivial (IMO) tagging issues.
This one has some merit I suppose but it's obvious to me that some people
have run out of bigger projects and are starting to focus on details

By the way, this is the type of toilet I used for many years in Alaska. But
the first ones I ever saw were in the High Peak region back in the 60s.
That's when hikers still left their garbage in an unsavory pile behind the
lean-tos. The environmental movement was just starting in the U.S. and
we've come a long way since that time. Here in Thailand people still toss
paper and water bottles all over the place. They're about 40-50 years
behind Europe and the U.S. in those sorts of things.



On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 5:20 AM, Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny+osm at gmail.com>

> On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 4:51 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>
> wrote:
>> I'm wary of tagging too many business details. I fear a toilets
>> namespace would lead to people adding all sorts of observations about
>> toilets that they used in some shop or other and that might at best be
>> access=customers if not access=private. I think this would be going too
>> far, it's almost as if we were to start taggin how wide the isles in a
>> shop were or how many checkout desks or if they stock canned
>> strawberries. I suggest to encourage the recording of details only for
>> toilets that are explicitly public, and not those in restaurants or
>> department stores.
> I'm all for simplicity... this discussion is all too sophisticated for me!
> The last amenity=toilets that I tagged looked like this.
> (http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/3649882546)
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