[Tagging] Holiday house for groups --> group_accommodation ?

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Hi all,

I checked whether there is some word for it.

In German, it seems it's called group_house :
https://www.gruppenhaus.de - 5096 Houses

In English, i found several group_accommodation
"hotels, countryside estates and castles, holiday villas and chalets"
"Large Group Accommodation in the UK" :
Large group self catering holiday accommodation
*"large holiday villas to a group of holiday cottages to suit large
*self-catering *country house, mansion or cottage**complex *

As those a really huge (different to a chalet or apartment),
I'd assume you should find some phrases to distinguish it from smaller ones
and name it group_accommodation ?



What's missing, is a tag for *mansion*/villa,
but it would be hard to define :
"In British English a mansion block refers to a*block of flats or
apartments* designed for the appearance of grandeur. In many parts of
Asia, including Hong Kong and Japan, the word mansion also refers to a
block of apartments.[...]
These town mansions were referred to as '*houses*' in London, *hotels*
in Paris and *palaces* in most European cities elsewhere."

"a large impressive house"

(I think it's better to use "chalet" instead)


Am 13.03.2017 um 09:27 schrieb Lorenzo "Beba" Beltrami:
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>>     Well then as Thilo said, if it is not
>>     "tourism=apartment"
>>     it is
>>     "tourism=chalet"
>     it is neither, the established tourism tags describe quite
>     specific accommodation types in osm and these bigger venues to
>     rent as a whole are not covered by any of them, as far as I can see.
>     a chalet according to the wiki :
>     https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:tourism%3Dchalet
>     <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:tourism%3Dchalet>
>     A type of accommodation. The term chalet is used in the
>     hospitality industry to describe one or more detached holiday
>     cottages with self-contained cooking facilities and/or bathroom
>     and toilet facilities.
> +1
> I totally agree.
> Both tourism=apartment and tourism=chalet are for detached houses.
> With number_of_apartments=* you can specify a building with many
> apartments, but not a building like a very big apartment.
> To clarify I've found some pictures:
> - https://ibin.co/3FOpHCbLtFVo.jpg
> - https://ibin.co/3FOph7H8yefQ.jpg
> - https://ibin.co/3FOpr6iSeNT6.jpg
> Some of them were formerly (50 to 70 years ago) hotels, the capacity
> is from 30 to 80 people. The kitchen is only one for all.
> Doing some proposal: is best to create a new tag (like
> tourism=vacation_house) or to add a tag to tourism=apartment (like
> groups=yes or simply capacity=80)?
> Lorenzo
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