[Tagging] New access key for Segway needed - autobalancing:segway=* ?

Thilo Haug thaug at gmx.de
Mon Mar 13 14:31:34 UTC 2017

I know a guy who got a "segway" wheelchair. The acceleration is impressive.
("autobalancing device or *similar technical equipment*")
Think if this would become usual (like electric cars do),
there might also be restrictions of usage (speed),
similar to the Pedelec example.

In Germany, law includes the term "maximum speed depending on the type
of construction".
Means it might be forbidden if there's only the possibility you could go

This one is "generally forbidden" in Germany as it's faster than 6 km/h
(counts as "motor vehicle")
and therefore forbidden on sidewalks and bicycle lanes.
For street usage, the technical specification is currently missing.
German :


(leaves the possibility to extend it if needed) ?

Here's an overview of restrictions by country depending on the type of way :

But I don't think that in the near future
there will be a countrywide regulation for those auto-balancing devices
for many countries (as technical development is faster than the
government's rule definition).

HTH, cheers,

Am 13.03.2017 um 13:01 schrieb Max:
> On 2017년 03월 13일 12:17, Dalibor Jelínek wrote:
>>> Does it include skateboards, vehicles for disabled?
>> Nope, they do not have that autobalancing device.
>>> Do the devices have to have motors?
>> Aparently no.
> Those two contradict. If it is self balancing it needs a motor.
> Maybe interesting in this context: Most countries in the EU treat
> Pedelecs (Pedal-Electric-Cycles) as bicycles, even though they have a
> motor assistance up to 25km/h. Only when there is assistance over
> 25km/h they fall in the category of motorized vehicles.
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