[Tagging] water=pool

Mark Bradley ethnicfoodisgreat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 17:24:58 UTC 2017

> I think just "water=pool" is a bit short and potentially misleading with other types of
> pools (reflecting pool, swimming pool, salt pool, ...).

As far as I know, all these types of pools are man-made, not natural, so I'm not sure how
misleading "water=pool" would be.

> If you don't need a new tag, I would go for natural=water water=lake (and let the size
> and position of the feature show that it is a small body of water on a river) After all, it
> is a kind of lake, only much smaller ;) The various definitions to distiguish lake/pond
> are quite messy, I do not want to go there.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pond#Technical_definitions
> Please also note that in current OSM wiki: water=lake "should be considered default
> for natural=water, when no water or other descriptive tags are specified".
> I think it is good enough for the kind of semantics we are trying to achieve in OSM.
> Otherwise, if I cannot convince you with that alone, at least expand to "stream_pool",
> like:
> natural=water
> water=lake
> lake=stream_pool
> or
> natural=water
> water=stream_pool
> -- althio

I like


as in your second example above.

Mark Bradley

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