[Tagging] how to care about different seasonal road close?

Topographe Fou letopographefou at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 18:32:05 UTC 2017

I believe we still need one user somewhere to update the data each year... I suggest to have a scheduled bot which detect obsolete conditions value (based on actual date) and automatically create a note on the map like "Obsolete conditional access value, please update the feature" .

Otherwise as far as I know Maps.me does not use OSRM anymore since end of 2016. They changed to another routing engine (which leads to an amazingly long list of routing issues).


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The road after this point (northwards) is closed in the winter season.


But like Petr says, its each year another time. I had the bad luck to
route through this street with maps.me because it is not tagged for
2017, OSRM seems to not care for the year and does not route there. But
graphhopper and mapzen does. And Maps.me, and because it is really a
dead end when you went up there by car its a long way backwards..

So, is there a solution how to deal with roads like this, where you know
that the road will be closed but you dont know the exact time? Because
like here, people will forget to tag it for each year.

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