[Tagging] Starbucks or Starbucks Coffee

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Mon Mar 20 20:37:39 UTC 2017


most of you know that place with the green mermaid logo serving coffee.

But what is it's name/brand to be tagged in OSM?

There is a wiki page suggesting "Starbucks Coffee". No references listed 
how it was decided to be. It also mentioned that "Starbucks" was more 
As of today there are 5565 "Starbucks" and 1191 "Starbucks Coffee".

The group of POI brand name pages involved also suggests doing automated 
edits using overpass to keep them uniform.

But is it really called like this? Some shops have "Starbucks Coffee" 
written outside. The company itself removed the words from their logo a 
while ago.

Wikipedia lists the page as "Starbucks" and not "Starbucks Coffee". 
Actually it describes "Starbucks Corporation".

Starbucks company website itself has a listing of their brands. There 
they call it always "Starbucks", never "Starbucks Coffee".

Their website always uses "Starbucks (r)" to indicate a registered 
trademark of that name. A lookup on the US Patent office finds live 
registrations of them of the mermaid logo and "Starbucks coffee".

For franchise partners they also advertise their brand name to be 
"Starbucks" (TM)

So most of this indicate it is "Starbucks", not "Starbucks Coffee".

Are there other sources available? In the light of this, is it really a 
good idea to encourage mass-retagging into "Starbucks Coffee"?


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